Account Management

W hen we enter a business relationship with an attorney, mortgage broker, loan officer, or real estate broker, we work hard to ensure we start off on the right foot by meeting with you to understand your expectations, processes, and procedures. Equally important is the work we do to maintain a partnership that ensures our mutual success. Through our account management program, we remain sensitive to your time constraints as we elicit the input we need from you to live up to our promise to be the company where business as unusual rules. We:

Dedicate company principals to manage our relationship with you

We will assign an Account Manager who is knowledgeable in title production. Thus, our Account Manager is fully empowered to initiate action, has a genuine interest increasing a valued relationship with you and your firm, and will work diligently to continually improve on it.

Document and conform to your changing needs and requirements

The Account Manager will prepare and maintain your Client Profile. This profile documents in detail your special processes, service level expectations, day-to-day contact procedures, ordering procedures, and much more. Created at the beginning of our relationship, this profile informs all of our interaction with you and will evolve with your changing needs.

Foster candid dialogue about our performance and your satisfaction

As the pivotal relationship point of contact between your firm and Allied Land Transfer, the Account Manager is responsible for your overall satisfaction level and client experience. As such, they will meet with you at regular intervals to:

Review American Legal Abstract’s performance against the service level baselines established in the Client Profile.

Openly discuss issues and concerns, identify the root causes, present potential solution, take corrective action where needed, and update the Client Profile to reflect program changes and enhancements.

Collaborate with you to assess current processes to ensure that our service meets or exceeds your expectations

Our Account Manager will also conduct periodic surveys to assess your perception of our performance, expertise, file handling, quality of service and support, professionalism, and closing/settlement results. We will share these results with you to create an environment that fosters continual improvement and the highest levels of client satisfaction.

Provide rapid, effective response to your needs

The Account Manager is not a substitute for the day-to-day interaction that you and your staff will have with American Legal Abstract’s technical and processing team. Our customer service operation is staffed by qualified title professionals available to answer questions about specific files, respond to your concerns, answer requests and implement routine changes.

If a problem does arise that cannot be effectively resolved by one of our customer service professionals, the escalation process documented in the Client Profile will re-initiated. The Account Manager will manage the process until resolution is achieved. Equally important they will assess the individual situation to determine how and why the issue required escalation in the first place, and implement preventive measures to ensure it does not recur.

A ll of these practices are designed to make your job easier and to ensure that your clients experience the closing process as a cause for celebration. Our approach to account management guarantees that you can pick up the phone and speak to someone who has the experience, knowledge, and authority to get things done and get them done quickly. Our dedication to industry best practices safeguards your clients’ interest in their real property. Our commitment to exceptional service safeguards their relationship with you.