Framework for Success

C onsidered as a whole, the title and settlement process is a complicated mix of procedures, people, paper and deadlines. Viewed individually, none of the elements is particularly difficult to comprehend or to execute if all parties subscribe to and follow common ground rules for interaction. When you engage American Legal Abstract to provide title and settlement services, we embrace our role as facilitator for the cooperation, coordination, and compliance between all parties for each real estate transaction. Our goal is to help make each and every closing a cause for celebration.

Making Sure We Are on Your Page

American Legal Abstract is a customer-focused, service oriented company. When we work with attorneys, mortgage brokers, loan officers, and real estate brokers, we take responsibility for making sure that all parties begin on the same page. To provide the very best service we can, we start out by making sure we are on your page. Before we accept a single piece of business from you, we take the time to understand your process and preferences for handling settlements for home purchases and refinances and tailor our process to yours. We make sure that your people know who to contact when they need information or assistance. We make sure that our people know who to contact in your organization (and who they should not contact).

We Document and Internalize your Processes, Preferences and Expectations

This is accomplished by meeting with you to discuss how you do business, how you wish to communicate with us, and how you wish us to communicate with you. We discuss the level of service and turnaround times you want and expect. After this meeting, we create your Client Profile, the living document that will serve as the guide for our technical staff as they serve you. We integrate each new profile into our operation at a New Account Orientation Session, during which we train our staff in the nuances of your needs and expectations. The profile will also serve as the benchmark against which you and our account manager will measure and manage our performance. Our account manager will review your profile with you on a regular basis to incorporate any changes you might require. We will collaborate with you to create this solid framework for our interaction and mutual success by answering the following questions about critical aspects of our business:


  • Which specific services will you typically wish us to perform?
  • Are there any services that you do not want to utilize?
  • Are there any services that we currently do not offer that you would like us to provide?

Service Levels

  • What turnaround time will you expect from us for each respective service and other transaction type (i.e. purchase, refinance, or other)?
  • What response can we expect from you when we need information?
  • How much business do you anticipate sending us?

Processes and Procedures

  • What is your current process for purchase transactions and how you would like us to fit in?
  • What is your current process for refinance transactions any how you would like us to fit in?
  • Are there any factors unique to your business with the potential to impact the way we serve you?

Tools and Technology

  • Do you wish to use our on-line title insurance ordering and tracking system?
  • Do you wish to transmit documents via mail, courier, fax or a combination?
  • Will you require us to submit electronic data in a specific file format or type?


  • Who are the key contacts in your company for specific tasks in the process; by what means and by whom in our company should they be contacted?
  • Who are the key contacts in our company for specific tasks in the process; who in your company and by what means will you contact them?
  • What will be our level of interaction with your clients? When, how, and why should we contact them?
  • What problem resolution process do you wish us to use? What will be the chain of escalation for resolution in both organizations?

Performance Measurement and Reporting

  • What performance measuring statistics would you like to receive from us?
  • How frequently and in what format would you like to receive this information?
  • Are there any other statistics that you would like us to capture and report to you?